M e e t i n g s

December 18-19th, 2018:

The final review meeting of SEPHY took place in Madrid (Spain).

Participants from left to right: Jean-Marc Vrignaud (MTN), Paul Leroux (KU Leuven, EC project reviewer), Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTT), Juan Cueto Rodriguez (TASE), Ulrich Zurek (MTN), Manuel Sánchez (TASE), Daniel González (ARQ), Alfonso Sánchez-Macián (UAN), Anna Ryabokon (TTT), Nicolas Ganry (MTN), Úrsula Gutierro (ARQ), Susanna Varho (EC project officer), Milos Krstic (IHP), Jesús López (ARQ), Anselm Breitenreiter (IHP), Ivan Masar (TTT), Elena García (TASE).

October 16-18th, 2018:

The SEPHY consortium participated in the 12th ESA Workshop on Avionics, Data, Control and Software Systems (ADCSS),  ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands: we presented succesfully the project and promoted the SEPHY physical layer transceiver.  

Participants from left to right: Manuel Sánchez (TASE), Jean-Marc Vrignaud (MTN), Ulrich Zurek (MTN), Daniel González (ARQ), Anna Ryabokon (TTT), Anselm Breitenreiter (IHP), Alfonso Sánchez-Macián (UAN), Nicolas Ganry (MTN), Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTT).

May 23-24th, 2018:

The annual SEPHY consortium meeting took place at Microchip Technology Nantes, Nantes (France). 

Participants of the meeting from left to right: Christophe Guerif (MTN)Pedro Reviriego (UAN), Manuel Sánchez (TASE), Christoph Larndorfer (TTT),  Jean-Marc Vrignaud (MTN), Úrsula Gutierro (ARQ), Jesús López (ARQ), Anna Ryabokon (TTT), Anselm Breitenreiter (IHP),  Ulrich Zurek (MTN), Yuanqing (IHP)

December 14th, 2017:

The SEPHY technical meeting took place at the TTTech Computertechnik AG Headquarters in Vienna (Austria). 

Participants of the meeting from left to right: Úrsula Gutierro (ARQ), Daniel González (ARQ), Jesús López (ARQ), Anselm Breitenreiter (IHP), Jean-Marc Vrignaud (MTN), Ulrich Zurek (MTN), Remy Charavel (EC project officer), Christian Fidi (TTT), Artiza Elosegui (TTT), Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTT), Manuel Sánchez (TASE), Pedro Reviriego (UAN), Anna Ryabokon (TTT).

June 23th, 2017:

The SEPHY 2nd Annual Review Meeting took place at the Arquimea Headquarters in Leganés, Madrid (Spain). 

Participants of the meeting in the alphabetical order: Bernard Bancelin (MTN),  Anselm Breitenreiter (IHP), César Castañares (TASE), Giuseppe Daquino (EC project officer), Elena García (TASE), Daniel González (ARQ), Úrsula Gutierro (ARQ), Milos Krstic (IHP), Lucia Lobello (EC reviewer), Jesús López (ARQ), Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTT), Ivan Masar (TTT), Pedro Reviriego (UAN), Anna Ryabokon (TTT), Manuel Sánchez (TASE), Juan AntonioTorreño (ARQ), Jean-Marc Vrignaud (MTN), Ulrich Zurek (MTN).

April 27th, 2017:

The "EtherSpace Alliance" General Assembly Meeting took place in Vienna, Austria, where Arquimea presented a thorough update on the SEPHY project.

Pierre Sautereau  and Patrick Cormery (Airbus Safran Launchers SAS), Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTTech) and Olivier Notebaert (Airbus Defence & Space SAS) attending the "EtherSpace Alliance" General Assembly Meeting in Vienna.

April 3-6th, 2017:

The 33rd Spase Symposium took place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. TTTech Computertechnik AG participated in the symposium gathering of the global space community. 

TTTech team at the 33rd Space Symposium, Colorado, US. 

April 29th, 2016:

The SEPHY 1st Annual Review Meeting took place at the Research Executive Agency (REA) premises in Brussels, Belgium (Place Rogier). 

SEPHY 1st Annual Review Meeting at Place Rogier, Brussels. Participants: Lucia  Lobello, Paul Leroux, Giuseppe Daquino, Jean Sebastien Weil,  Bernard Bancelin, Pedro Reviriego, Carolina Reyes, Jean-François Dufour, Vladimir Petrovic, Anselm Breitenreiter, Jesús López.

June 2nd, 2015:

The SEPHY Kick-off Meeting took place at the Research Executive Agency (REA) premises in Brussels, Belgium (Place Rogier). All partners involved in the project, as well as the European commission project officer participated in the meeting.

SEPHY Kick-off Meeting at Place Rogier, Brussels. From left to right: Carolina Reyes, Manuel Sánchez Renedo, Jean-Sebastién Weil, Daniel González, PO Giuseppe Daquino, Jesús López, Pedro Reviriego Vasallo, Aleksandar Simevski, Vladimir Petrovic.